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From Porto to Lisbon via Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Manchester, my office is anywhere.


My story…


I grew up in Porto, Portugal, where I went to college and started my design career.

After some years designing healthcare software, a lot of thinking and reflection, I decided to study again. I quit my job, flew to Barcelona and did a master degree on digital design at ELISAVA, where amongst other lessons, I learned that process is key to better results. Found a job right after at a startup, while enjoying my new work-life balance, with a bit of help from good food, sunny beaches and warm weather. What a year!

I would have remained a few more years in Barcelona but life had other plans for me. My partner got a job in India so, in the summer of 2012, we both moved there.

I’ve been working remotely since. A few gigs as a freelancer pathed what would become my life as a digital nomad. The good people at Deeplink welcomed me into their team in 2013. From Porto to Lisbon via Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Manchester, my office is anywhere.


The place of Design


I’m a designer who loves working within teams where the design process is the key value to inform better decision making.

Small-scale projects, or large and complex systems as well, you'll find me comfortable working in diverse setups, as long as they are design-driven.

My expertise is in delivering digital products or services that have a significant impact on both people's lives and business outcomes. To achieve these results I've mastered in a wide range of disciplines: UX research and strategic thinking, digital prototyping and front-end coding.

My focus is on delivering meaningful user experiences, by understanding the whole ecosystem (data, stakeholders, businesses, systems) and applying a human-centred and iterative approach to problem-solving.


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